Google's Helpful Content Update:

What You Need to Know

This guide picks out the latest best practices in the Helpful Content Update and highlights what you can do to ensure your web content continues to perform optimally.


In this free guide, you'll learn:

  What the Google Helpful Content Update is

  How it could impact your WordPress site

  Why this update (or any Google update) matters

   What you can do to future-proof your site



A site is now the sum of all its parts, and to avoid a dramatic drop in search rankings, those parts need to meet Google’s standards. The importance of professionally auditing your site is indisputable, and checking, maintaining, and updating your site’s content is essential.

With nearly two decades of delivering content strategies and SEO success, SiteCare is well-placed to help you through the latest SEO challenges. This guide outlines the past, present, and future of algorithmic updates with tangible takeaways for your website. 


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